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About HTML Compressor

HTML Compression works by analyzing and rewriting the text-based parts of a website to reduce its overall file size. Minification extends to scripts, style sheets, and other components that the web browser uses to render the site. Minification is performed on the web server before a response is sent. After minification, the web server uses the minified assets in place of the original assets for faster distribution to users.

The benefit of minification is that it only needs to be performed when the source file changes. When combined with other compression techniques, minification can greatly reduce bandwidth usage for both the enterprise and the user.

Benefits of Compression

  1. Users load content faster as less unnecessary data needs to be downloaded. Users experience identical service without the additional overhead.
  2. Businesses see lower bandwidth costs as less data is transmitted over the network. The extra content that only developers care about is no longer being sent to users.
  3. Businesses also see lower resource usage since less data needs to be processed for each request. The minified content – which only needs to be generated once – can be used for an unlimited number of requests.


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