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Your website might have a file or a folder that is infected with malware or a virus and you might not even know about it, but your site visitors who have a virus blocker plugin installed on their browsers will get a warning when they visit your site, or worse, get blocked from entering your website. This is a very serious problem since it effects the value of your website and/or your online brand and the traffic that is wastefully diverted away from your website. The AVG Website Scan is powered by AVG Threat Labs. Similar to the virus scanners for computers, this tool scans your website and reports if a virus has been detected. The result will be either Safe Site or Unsafe Site.  

It is a good practice to scan all your websites at least once a month to make sure none of your sites are infected. The SINIUM version of the AVG Website Scan lets you scan up to 20 websites at once, if a virus is detected and the status of your site is shown as Unsafe Sitein the result, please use the Google Malware Scan tool (Available on sinium.com/seo) to confirm the virus status and read the suggestions given by Google to diagnose and locate the location of the files infected, and use FTP to delete or replace those files to bring your website back to Safe status.

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